GardePro X50 Cellular Trail Camera, 32mp 1080p, 4G LTE Game Cameras with 0.1s Trigger Speed,100ft Night Vision, Send Pictures to Cell Phone

    • Wireless Cellular – Work with AT&T and T-Mobile celluar 4G LTE network (in US only, SIM card pre-installed), offer flexible and affordable data plans with no contracts. It can send pictures to your cell phone in real time or scheduled time.
    • Lite Video – You can download lite video just like downloading pictures. Lite video is a compact and lightweight video (not full HD video), help you understand the whole process of the event without costing more. As we all know, HD videos consume quite a lot of data traffic and cost more, no brand cellular trail camera provides free full HD video download. Lite video is included with any plan at no additional cost.
    • Fast Trigger Speed – Integrate 3 PIR sensors, which can speed up the capture. When the animal enters the central view from both sides, the trigger speed can be as fast as 0.1s.
    • Adaptive Infrared Night Vision – Save up to 75% of battery power at night. When the animal is close to the camera, the infrared illumination will be automatically reduced to avoid overexposure, and when the animal is far away, the infrared illumination will be increased to avoid over-dimmed.
    • Unified App and More – One app to manage your WiFi and cellular GardePro trail cameras if you have both. The X50 also features time lapse mode, you set it to capture pictures intervally for taking care your property remotely.
    • Data Plan – The camera only works with AT&T and T-Mobile cell towers, but it can send pictures to any cell phone with an available network, such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile etc., offers a 100-image free trial (first month only) and requires a separate subscription to a monthly data plan (data plans from $7/month to $15/month, save 20% if you subscribe annually).
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